We supply the following range of Warranty products and services, giving protection to both Motor Dealer and Customer at very competitive prices:

Momentum Secure is the latest, bespoke product to be added to the Momentum Warranties extensive range of warranty products. This exciting new product has been designed and built from the ground up to play a key role in a dealer orientated warranty program. The strength and attraction of the product is the three levels of cover which offers dealers and their customers a comprehensive choice of first class warranty cover depending on their needs.

  1. Momentum Secure
  2. Momentum Secure Platinum
  3. Momentum Secure Platinum Plus

SECURE cover forms the extensive and solid core of the components you would expect to be covered in a motor vehicle warranty designed for the modern motor vehicle. SECURE as a stand alone product that  competes at a high level against any of its contemporaries in the market place but where it really stands out is in the fact that the cover can be extended by another two levels to meet the most demanding of customer.

PLATINUM SECURE cover with the addition of all mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle that were manufacturer's original fitments alongside additional benefits including Recovery, Car Hire, Overnight Accommodation and Continental Use.

PLATINUM PLUS elevates the cover level even further by offering SECURE and PLATINUM cover with the addition of Wear and Tear cover with further additional components such as Satellite Navigation System, Multimedia, Sound Equipment, Diesel Particulate Filter, Battery and Catalytic Converter.


Every Warranty purchased within our VAT program during 2017 will have the option of a free 3 Month Rescue product. The offer code is generated from our system by the motor dealer at point of sale. All the customer has to do is call Momentum within 7 days of purchase and activate the rescue product free of charge.


This is a fully insured combined product that offers cover for return to invoice (RTI) and finance short fall. It is governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and in order to sell it you must be either directly authorised or an appointed representative (AR) of an authorised company. There are a varying number of claims limits to fit all requirements, training in the product is provided, along with marketing material. Becoming even more popular among the motoring public and dealers alike as they realise the significant potential of this great product.

This product more than adequately provides that extra comfort factor for the customer. It covers a vehicle against failure under the VT30. Items such as lighting, steering, suspension and exhaust emissions are all covered.
It is a 12 month product with a 60 day claims window and carries varying claim limits. This is often used in conjunction with our warranty products to create customer retention.

This is a fully insured product and will require the selling dealer to be compliant with FCA Regulations. We supply a very competitive product offering cover on all sizes of tyres including Run Flats.

Breakdown and Recovery
Momentum Rescue provides a 24 hour call out service which includes Home Assist, Roadside Assistance, Recovery, Alternative travel and Emergency overnight accommodation. European cover can be added at an additional cost. Unlike many rescue services Momentum Rescue covers the vehicle so that breakdown services are available to any driver of the vehicle.

A decade of implementing and maintaining service plans makes Momentum Warranties a natural choice for any dealership.

Designed for in-house warranty programs. We have invested heavily over the years in our staff, technology and products which reflects just how well we handle scheme administration.

Many years of motor trade experience has resulted in Momentum Warranties developing a highly efficient claims department that we believe provides the best service in the industry.

Momentum Warranties was established on the 17th January 2005 and is the product of over 200 years combined experience of the founders in the vehicle protection and insurance industries. Their goal has been to create a vehicle protection company that provides an unrivalled service for its customers and rewards dealers whilst enhancing their reputation.

The company was founded on the principles of:

  • Protecting customers and dealer against unexpected and expensive costs.
  • Helping motor dealers sell more cars.
  • Providing clear and honest information about Momentum’s range of quality warranty products and services.
  • Aiming and attaining the highest levels of customer care and satisfaction.
  • Providing a management team that have extensive motor trade experience, having both worked in and run motor dealers sites and managed various manufacturer and dealer product program.

Our booklets and policies are based around clear and concise wordings with no loopholes.
We passionately believe that a successful business can be built upon the traditional foundations of fairness and transparency, whilst embracing innovation and new opportunities that continue to help our clients increase their profits.

We provide Momentum Secure (includes Platinum and Platinum Plus) as a core product and a number of additional warranty/insurance based products.

A warranty is the provision of cover against the sudden and unforeseen failure or breakdown of a part/component. In basic terms if it is noisy or squeaky but has not failed then it is unlikely to be covered, however if it is broken it is most likely to be covered. There are always exceptions to the rules and warranty is not a precise art, the cars new driver can have an effect on a part causing it to fail and we have to determine how the failure came about. A car warranty protects the supplying dealer against most (not all) of their obligations under the Sale of Goods Act 1979.

A warranty can do a number of things:

  • Can increase the reputation of the dealer by covering repair obligations arising under the Sales of Goods Act.
  • It can protect the profit from the vehicle sale.
  • It can create its own profit.
  • If you have a service bay it can generate additional income.
  • It can provide comfort to the new owner.
  • It can generate additional car sales.

We have designed our system to be simple and easy to use. Generally loading a customer on to the system is as simple as their name, post code and the car registration. All new dealers are provided with a how to use the system guide and are also shown how to use the program.

If a car is returned and a warranty needs to be cancelled or if the wrong cover has been set up you are able to go into the system and make amendments or cancel warranties. There is no need to make any calls to us.

We pride ourselves on the way that we communicate with our dealer network and we are actively looking to increase this with the use of technology. However this is no replacement for face-to-face contact. All too often in the warranty market you only get to see the sales person. Part of the bedrock of our company is the importance to us that the directors are not just faceless names talked about in meetings. The directors like to meet dealers to listen and act upon their comments. There are times when we may decline a claim and you may feel this is not justified and this is where the senior management do not hide, they are happy to discuss matters. Along with the Sales Director, the head of operations also likes to visit dealers to explain what he does and to see if he can help with a “grey area” claim. Some of these conversations have been instrumental in making changes to our claims process.

We visit on a regular basis and keep you stocked up with point of sale material (booklets, leaflets etc.).

In addition to this they will feedback marketing information, look at pricing, discuss claims statistics etc.

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